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Building a Website

Learning how to make a website takes time and patience, however when you finish your project, you will have pride that you have been empowered to create your own brand and the updates that you make can be completed by you. Searching for tools online to make the task easier is imperative and I have done that for you.

Your Sponsored Membership allows you access to a personal website that is hosted and secure.  And you can update it any time you need or reach out for assistance to the team to help.

Your Website is Your Online Business Card

Having your brand online is imperative as 89% of consumers will research you online.  Your website will reflect your professionalism, your knowledge, and will show your prospective clients that you will provide value to them with education.  Consumers are also researching your reviews.  They want to see that your past clients are happy with your services so obtaining those reviews is an important part of your online brand.

Video Is King

Including video on your website is essential.  You'll want to have one on your Introduction Page as well as your About Me page.  Using video for Raving Fan reviews would be a great addition as well.  Educational videos of how to purchase a home or sell a home and the processes involved is another excellent use of video.


Links to Supportive References

Google likes links to 3rd party references that support your page.  You will want to either link to your outside blog, which is also provided with your membership.  In the eyes of Google, blogs are another website and the algorithms like them, giving your website the opportunity for a higher ranking.


Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is another essential part of  your website.  Using Long Tail Keywords, having your Page SEO completed with terms of how you would like your site to be found.  And being strategic with the number of websites that you own.  You can create a website for your Farm Area.  Perhaps a website specializing in horse properties or homes on golf courses.  The more specific your site is, the better optimization you will obtain from SEO.

Be Mobile Friendly

Ensuring your website is mobile friendly is a must-do.  77% of consumers search for homes on their phones and that makes total sense.  As they are driving neighborhoods, they are on sites such as Zillow, REALTOR.com or requesting information about a particular home from the Sign Rider that the agent posted.  


Don't have the time?  Let our Marketing Concierge Help

And if you don't have the time to create your website, let our Marketing Concierge help.  


Karen Jones, Founder of Strategy4SuccessNow and Marketing Coach for Real Estate Professionals believes that Real Estate Professionals need to understand how to market themselves.  She educates REALTORs on how to use online and offline marketing strategies to grow their real estate business.  Karen believes that the Real Estate Industry is a relationship business and thus coaches’ agents about Value Marketing.  The Marketing techniques have been time-tested with excellent results. 




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