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Welcome to the Goal Setting page which has some great tools for you to prepare your successful year. Market Leader, an online lead source, has excellent tools to assist with creating your goals.  And once  you have your goals in writing, they tend to have success.

I have included a Financial Meditation as well, which I listen to quite often.  Keeping your mind motivated is an important step to success. As a Marketing Coach, I do understand the importance of goals and believing that your goals can be achieved.  Therefore, to start out our conversation today, I will ask you to answer this one simple question to yourself:

Are your actions aligning with your goals?

As your coach, I invite you to explore this question and really understand what’s happening in your world.  The actions that you take in your daily business life really does tell your story.  Are you meeting your goals?    If not, are you ready to change your daily behaviors and develop sales systems that align with your business strategies? If being a Successful REALTOR is really want you want to do, let’s introduce an improved method of accountability. Let me introduce Success Series:

Faith:              Believing that you can learn and reach your goals.

Fire:                Being excited about learning and taking actin to meet goals.

Focus:             Paying attention and tell stories in your mind that supports your goals.

Ask yourself:

What difference might it make if you were able to tap more fully into your Faith, Fire and Focus? Once your Faith, Fire and Focus thinking is in line, then you need to make the planning stage that will allow you to GROW:

  • G What is it that you want to do? (Your GOAL.)
    • What issues do you have to work through?
    • What are the consequences if you do not take action?
    • Are your goals SMART?
      • Specific/ Meaningful/ Actionable/ Realistic/ Time-phased.
  • R What is really happening now or how do you perceive what is happening now? (Your REALITY)
    • What type of results are you currently achieving?
    • Are your goals realistic?
  • O How will you move forward from your Reality to your Goal? (Your OPTIONS.)
    • Describe your dreams, your perfect day, your career results.
    • Do any of your dream ideas interest you enough to move forward?
    • If you were to act on these options, how would you do it?
  • W What action will you take to move forward toward your goals? (Your WAY Forward.)
    • How will you go about putting action into play?
    • What might get in your way?
    • What and when is your next step?

As you move through these exercises, take notes that answer the questions, as you will be using these notes to develop your Plan of Action. To commit to a plan, the plan must come from you.  Your inner-spirit must create the plan and you must have the faith and believe that you are able to meet the goals of the plan.  Consistent action will create successful results.   Understanding your “why” behind your plan is essential in order for you to keep it alive and well and more importantly, becoming successful in your field. The basics of our industry consists of:

  • Assisting buyers buy a home.
  • Assisting sellers sell a home.
  • Assisting tenants lease a home.
    • (usually completed to develop a relationship for a future buyer.)
  • Assisting investors build real estate portfolios.

Your goal is to interact and find those people and assist them with their needs.  You are in a “back to basics” relationship industry.  Following time-tested prospecting tools that have been used for decades. Once you find these prospects, having the proper marketing tools will allow you to win their trust allowing you to assist them with their needs.    And once you have won their business, delivering a World-Class experience for them is your #1 goal, as you want to win their future business needs and referral opportunities. So what will be your prospecting strategies be? Here are some “back to basics” Relationship marketing strategies that might spark an interest for you:

  • Farming via mailings with online FB Targeted “Just Listed/Open House/Sold” Boosts. Using QR codes with capture tools.
  • Farm Door knocking.
  • Community Outreach.
  • Open Houses with follow up.
  • Online Leads/ Landing pages.
  • Blogging / Vlogging.
  • Telemarketing- FSBO, Expired’s, Surveys.
  • Social Media marketing- FB, LinkedIn.
  • Home Buying/Selling/Investing seminars.
  • Follow up skills, including CRM and technology programs (HomeBot is a good one.)
  • Past client follow up and referral campaign.
  • Sponsor school/church events.
  • Client appreciation events- Meet Me Events.
  • Networking with follow up.
  • Renter to Homeowner campaigns.
  • Niche Marketing- IE:  Divorce Real Estate/ 1st time home buyer, etc.

Be your own Accountable coach by creating goals and monitoring your results.  Keep and review your plan and believing that you will succeed is vital, so keep your mind free of “negative talk”.   Create scripts for your internal thoughts and whenever a negative thought creeps into your mind, then pull out your Belief Script and believe.


Enjoy the Financial Meditation













Karen Jones, Founder of Strategy4SuccessNow and Marketing Coach for Real Estate Professionals believes that Real Estate Professionals need to understand how to market themselves.  She educates REALTORs on how to use online and offline marketing strategies to grow their real estate business.  Karen believes that the Real Estate Industry is a relationship business and thus coaches’ agents about Value Marketing.  The Marketing techniques have been time-tested with excellent results. 





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