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Google Tools

Here are a few Google Tools that I use quite often and recommend for your use.  They are free tools that you can access online.  Google is not the only source for free tools, as you will discover as  you explore our site.  


Google Keyword Tool

When blogging in your Area of Expertise, Your Community and Your Pay it Forwards, I would recommend that you choose your Keyword Term of how you want to be found.  Obtaining an organic 1st page listing is a difficult task however can still be achieved.  You'll want to test your Long Tail Keyword to discover how many results are already on Google.  Your goal is 100,000 or less.  Or you can purchase adwords directly from Google. 

Google Adwords

Protect you brand with alerts from Google:

Google Tools- Protect Your Brand


Posting Your URL So it Can Be Found

So you just wrote your blog or added information to one of your pages on your website and you want to get that information updated on the search engines.  This free tool will help you accomplish your goal. There is PingFarm and you should also post your URL directly to Google.    




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